What We Do

LHK was started by a kid to help other kids, and our mission is to help elementary-school aged children whose families are experiencing financial hardship by providing them with special items or experiences that they otherwise could not afford.


To help other kids be happy and encourage the spirit of giving. In the words of our founder, Rachel Harris, “If we fill kids’ buckets then they will, in turn, fill other people’s buckets.” 


  • Children who are currently in Kindergarten through 6th grade
  • Children who reside in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC 
  • Identified as a member of a family that is experiencing financial hardship


LHK works to meet non-basic needs for children by providing them with special items or experiences that they may not otherwise receive. While many worthwhile organizations exist to provide food, shelter and financial assistance to families who are struggling to make ends meet, LHK provides “the extras.”

LHK relies on the generous financial support of our community to help children in need. Due to space and capacity limitations, we are unable to accept in-kind donations but are happy to provide area resources that accept new and/or used items.

A child must be referred to LHK by a representative or employee of a social service provider, school, or civic organization in order to receive a gift. A child cannot be referred to LHK by him/herself, a family member or friend(s). The representative must be able to demonstrate that the child is a member of a family that is experiencing financial hardship.

The representative must be able to identify a one-time parent-approved wish or gift for under $300. Requests can be academic, extra curricular or simply for the child’s personal enjoyment. Examples include but are not limited to birthday presents, bicycles, books, trips to local amusement parks, dance or sports lessons, art supplies or tickets to see a play.

LHK is unable to accept requests for the following:

  • Basic needs (food, shelter, financial or transportation assistance)
  • Gift cards or certificates
  • Televisions
  • DVD players
  • Cell phones and cell phone plans
  • Pets
  • Weapons
  • Age-inappropriate music or movies

Once a request is received and approved, LHK will purchase the item or experience. LHK does not give out money or gift cards.

Finally, LHK will make arrangements with the representative for the child to receive his or her gift, while always respecting the confidentiality wishes of those we serve.